Saturday 13/01 (23:00)
Sunday 14/01 (07:00)

Rave Our Souls at Kompass

Ottergemsesteenweg-zuid 717A
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Aantal geïnteresseerd: 2221

What’s better than new rave? Old rave of course!

Rave Our Souls is the succesfull old skool rave project from Goldfox and Riot. Realising they both missed the early nineties party vibe, they decided it was time for action. Rave Our Souls wants to take you back to a time when people went to a party to party, when music was pure expression and emotion without any rules or regulations. The guys don't take themselves serious, but they do take the music serious.

🙂 Altern 8
🙂 Rave Our Souls
🙂 T99 | Olivier Abbeloos
🙂 Outlander